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Keto Vegan Badass KeyChain
Keto Vegan Badass KeyChain
Keto Vegan Badass KeyChain

    Keto Vegan Badass KeyChain




    Are you a keto vegan?

    Then this Keto Vegan Keychain is just right for you!


    Clip this onto your keys to express your passion and lifestyle. Being Keto Vegan isn't just a diet. It's a lifestyle and it's not always easy. It requires dedication and discipline to eat the right foods, to ensure you're get the necessary vitamins/minerals, to monitor your carb intakes at all times and all the while doing this in an ethical manner. Talk about an extreme balancing act! Show everyone just how badass you are with one of these keychains.




    Friends and Family

    Or perhaps you have a friend, partner or family member who's keto vegan and would like to give them a special gift? Are they passionate about their diet and lifestyle? Then they'll love one of these keychains and the fact you're so aware of what's important in their life.

    Or perhaps they're new to the diet and are have a tough time keeping to all the restrictions and macros. This could be just the thing to lift their spirits and keep them on the right track. Show just how considerate you are and how much you think about your loved ones.

    We're sure they'll love you for it!

    Our keychains attaches firmly to your keys, allowing you to keep these words with you all day long: at work, at lunch, and even on vacation.

    These Vegan OnFleek keychains are fully custom made and unavailable anywhere else. They're made from high quality materials and are absolutely awesome.

    Available in Red, Black and Silver

    SALE on now. Limited Stock

    Click the "Add to Cart" and get yours today!



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