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Vegan Dog Tag Necklace
Vegan Dog Tag Necklace
Vegan Dog Tag Necklace
Vegan Dog Tag Necklace
Vegan Dog Tag Necklace
Vegan Dog Tag Necklace
Vegan Dog Tag Necklace

    Vegan Dog Tag Necklace

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     Are you a Vegan? Then you'll love this Vegan Dog Tag Necklace!


    Are you new to the Vegan diet and having a bit of trouble adapting? Keep this necklace with you to remind yourself of why you've made this life changing decision and that it's worth that bit of difficulty. If you're having a hard time, these encouraging words on our necklace will definitely help you out.

    Vegan Round Pendant Necklace New


    Perhaps you've been Vegan for a while and love the impact it's had on your life? Maybe you're excited and itching to tell everyone just how wonderful it is -      but you don't want to reinforce that negative stereotype of the vegan that has to tell everyone they're vegan. Wearing this necklace around your neck will help as a conversation starter or serve as an indirect way to spread awareness of veganism.

     Do you have a partner or family member that you'd wish would join you in becoming Vegan as well? Relationships are definitely easier when both people are on the same page. A great way to do that is to indirectly show just how important this diet and lifestyle is to you. It's proven that when a person realises how important something is to a loved one, they're more likely to hold that thing as important to themselves too. This necklace is a great way to show just how important Veganism is to you!


    Do you ever feel down and have a bad day? Remind yourself of all the good that you're doing in the world by being a Vegan. You're important and the change you're making is noble. Keeping these words close to your heart through the day will definitely lift your spirits.


    Do you have a vegan friend or partner that you'd like to get a gift for? Our vegan necklaces are the perfect gift for any vegan enthusiast. Show your loved ones how much you care about them, support them and that you know what's important to them with one of our necklaces.


    Do you care about animals and want to support a worthy cause? Every year 56 billion living, sentient beings are murdered by the meat and dairy industry. Wearing one of these necklaces will help to spread awareness of this cruelty and of the health benefits of Veganism. 10% of profits from sales will also go to awareness projects about the meat and dairy industry.


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